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What's more exciting

What's more exciting?

Sex sells. Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser's best friend.
Sexuality has been employed in advertising since the beginning of advertising itself. Sexual appeals used in ads are of many types and consist of a variety of elements. They often are grounded in visual elements, such as attractive models, and may portray varying degrees of nudity and suggestiveness. Over the past two decades, the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery in consumer-oriented print advertising has become almost commonplace.

4 Ways to Reduce Cellulite at Legs

Most women and some men end up with leg cellulite. While having a deposit of fat that looks like the dimples of cottage cheese may cause you to feel insecure about exposing your upper thighs and buttocks, cellulite is more of a cosmetic issue than a bonafide medical problem. Many products and seemingly innovative techniques claim to reduce or entirely remove leg cellulite, but the vast majority of them haven't been proven to be effective. If you don't want to waste money you should know what methods are most likely to help you remove cellulite from your legs.

bStart a diet and fitness regimen that combines reduced caloric intake and regular exercise. Since some cellulite is associated with excess body weight, you should eat a well-balanced diet and get a mixture of aerobic and strength training exercise. When you eat well, burn off excess calories, and tone all of your major muscle groups, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite and (more importantly) you are at less risk of developing health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. You may also notice an improved self-image.

Step 2
Submit your body to radio frequency and laser systems. Some clinics offer systems that incorporate tissue massage and infrared light or radio frequencies to reduce the appearance of cellulite. According to the Mayo Clinic, many of these systems (if done on a regular basis) can improve cellulite for as long as six months at a time.

Step 3

Get a massage. Proponents of massage for cellulite claim that the tissue manipulation will get rid of toxins, improve circulation, and reduce fluid that has accumulated in areas where cellulite is most visible. Beyond getting a massage by a massage therapist, some massage treatments involve the use of new technology. According to a Vanderbilt University Medical Center study published in the November/December edition of Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a treatment known as Endermologie may be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This technique uses a hand-held machine which uses a small vacuum-like device as it kneads skin between rollers.

Step 4

Avoid investing too much of your time and money in treatments that have never shown real signs of working. Specialized "cellulite treating" skin creams, as well as the ever-invasive liposuction and a technique known as mesotherapy, fit into this category. Skin creams may be a little safer and less expensive than liposuction and mesotherapy, but they may cause negative skin reactions such as rashes. And in case you've never heard of it, mesotherapy--which involves the injection of a solution that contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts--is also widely applauded as an effective treatment, but it is also can cause even greater problems than cellulite. Think: infection.

Exercises for Better Sex Moves

Did you recognize that exercise will cause higher sex? consultants say those who are mentally and physically match are a lot of seemingly to own sensible sex lives.
Women who exercise have increased levels of want and an enhanced ability to realize orgasm for larger sexual satisfaction.
For a natural boost pretty much as good as Viagra, the yank Council on Exercise (ACE), recommends twenty to half-hour of moderate exertion daily.
Studies show that regular moderate exercise will have a positive profit on major sexual issues, like ED in men and low libido in each men and girls.
It looks logical, that exercise would be thus useful to your sex life. Aerobic activity improves your body’s ability to pump and flow into blood all through whole body, thereby enhancing the blood flow to the genitals.

    Exercise helps to market the body’s unleash of hormones vital for sexual arousal. You’ll feel within the mood for love a lot of frequently.
    Exercise boosts self-image. once you just like the approach that you simply look, you are feeling higher regarding having sex.
    Exercise can assist you to induce stronger. With added strength and stamina; you'll feel a lot of like partaking in sex.
    Exercise helps you to maneuver a lot of fluidly. Learn to maneuver sort of a dancer and for stimulation and enhancement of your sexual expertise.

Could you employ a lift in your love life? does one prefer to keep things interesting? offer yourself simply half-hour daily. mix aerobic exercise like walking, skating, running, skiing, dancing or bike riding with strength coaching exercises each alternative day.
You can begin nowadays by increasing your aerobic activities and building your muscular strength with the Fitness4Her Diet and Exercise program. Complete step-by-step directions of exercises for an entire total body workouts, nutritious and tasty meal plans and a journal to record your fitness results.

Most Effective Ways to Have Better Sex

If you feel like your sex life has seen better days and your libido is lower than you’d like, a few adjustments might be in order. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small changes to improve your love life. Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to have better sex.
Stripping down and enjoying sex is hard when you're thinking about 15 other things that raise your anxiety level. If you want to have better sex, you need to dial down your stress level. This means having a cutoff time for work. At some point after you come home from the office, turn your phone off and restrict computer use. If you can, don't even look at your laptop after a certain time. Make a point of meditating or doing some relaxing yoga poses instead, which will help you let go of the day and get in the mood for sex.
Does it really make sense to go out, eat a big meal and then come home to get naked? Big meals can leave you feeling sluggish, tired and, well, the opposite of sexy. Instead of waiting until the end of the date to do the deed, have sex while you're getting ready. We don't discourage doubling your pleasure when you get back home, but if you'd rather just get comfortable and throw in a movie at that point, your sexual appetite will have already been sated.
Talk about the deed once it's done. What did you like? What was missing? Of what would you love to see (and feel) more? The point isn't for anyone to walk away feeling bad or inadequate; it's to help you both have better sex. So aim for a post-romp play-by-play at least once a month to ensure you're both as satisfied as you can be.

5 signs that indicate sexual performance

He was tall, handsome and sexy. Suspecting the man of your life and the father of your children, of course, and all of this while still at the beginning of your relationship! At the beginning ...You only get an appointment a few, but as a classical woman had started browsing through wedding magazines! And all this, before you know sleep with him for the first time. So there is that everything is going their way, and the sex is bad, or at least one unpaired sex, capable of destroying even the most ideal relationship. Below, I have some signs that reveal if you are a teacher in bed, so you are ready for everything! Leave what you do and how many siblings you have, and see the details

1. From the way they dance: And we do not mean kalamatianos and Cham, but most modern dance. According to the survey, people who know how to move his hips, know very well how to satisfy a woman in bed. Take then in the middle of the store, see the lust and lure him into a frenetic pace. It is understood that all persons with the condition that you know how to dance, Gaitis if there is no high probability of a laughingstock. Attention: If you find that your appointment showed excessive zeal quietly go because there is something wrong! If, instead, dancing polite and men ... samba, then you are on track! If it is, and cope with family, you were born for each other!
2. The Kiss: Ok may sound very romantic, but the teenager is clearly right or wrong! So if you join with your lips, teeth and nose to find you, you can not sync and all you want is to end this ordeal, e is clear that there is no reason to go ... horizontal! However, if you feel the intimacy, pleasure, and exact match, so who will be happy to tear clothes and will ormagate, despite the fact that you are in an expensive restaurant, then you will pay the bills, summaries and go home!
3. If formal: As history has taught us, women are attracted to what we call the bad guys. Not that the people who either do not know their fate, but the mystery, beards, scars, fast response can make us fall in love immediately and unconditionally. However, can we like hair combed, but only ... Head! No antierotiko more than a guy who is really messy and not care about the appearance and personal hygiene. First, there is a low shave shown by dirt, even if it was neat, but the fact that your love life is stagnant for some time, then the bushes! If we see something, we unfortunately can not guarantee its performance in bed, and one may never get there because you do not want anymore. Ideal is somewhere in the middle. Parks as ...
4. If humor is: Life is funny, and woe to him who takes it seriously. This also applies to people. An almost perfect sign that sex with him would be good is if your object of desire has humor. We certainly do not intend to start a joke and laugh yourself, because you are just stupid, we mean a way of confronting and hilarious situations. For example, everyone knows that awkward first date and sometimes do things we normally would not. In addition, as the universe is always conspiring, all wrong happens then. The issue is not whether you or she will make a blunder. They certainly will! The question is what will be the reaction. If so, the decline of food on it, and laughed silently without giving much attention to the scenery, then go ahead without fear. This guy is comfortable and you are very lucky!
5. Determination: As you know, men and women are truly equal and same rights aplamvanoun but have the same obligations. The truth is however, that in recent years, and with all these changes, the role has changed a bit. Plus, it is the women who take the initiative with men to maintain a more passive attitude. If what you do not agree, I can leave free to get all the decisions. Where to go for a first appointment until the wine to drink! If you see that anatpokrinetai quickly and successfully so do not be afraid of anything! The sex with her is a pleasure. If you do otherwise, do not bother to do the hair and put ... also your clothes. Tonight will be a failure

Sex is something

Let me talk about sex again as it is one of my favourite subjects in life. The question rises of course why does the old bugger bather about sex. Well my eldest daughter who is only twelve yet has already various queries about boys and girls and what is this sex thing where the others are chit chatting about. Ok I was a bit older when I was struggling with these kind of things and I was in the lucky position not being afraid to ask these kind of things.

I have been raised in a normal but free of mind family and even it was a time of taboo my mum gave me answers on most my questions in life. But sex was not an easy subject to be discussed even it was years after the sexual revolution. I was curious enough to lend some explicit books from the library and I was not older than 14 years of age, I guess. My mum did not say a thing but I could hear her think: “My little boy is becoming a man.”
From these days on I promissed myself that I would do these things differently when I would have kids of my own. And now the time has come and all of a sudden I understand why my mum had such a hard time with all my deep and sometimes difficult questions as her answers had to come from her own knowledge and experiences. At least I’ve got internet to help out. I can’t say that I am more experienced as my mum and I never really talked about this.

Maybe I have done things right but I am sure that I have done many things wrong. As I have been through some rough moments in life and in my case some fuses were blown out. I worked as a bartender at those days. Alright I was not much of a Casanova but I had my share trouble was that none of those women was a stayer. And I was not the greatest lover probably and there was definately a use for both. Sexual freedom can be brutal. When I woke up hungover in the morning next to a girl that I thought who the hell are you. I sat on the side of the bed and said to this girl: “I think I like strawberryjam better than sex.” I know now that this was very low and cruel and I probably have hurt a few. Sorry for that but hey I was young, free and single.

Sex can mean many things and happens for many different reasons: An expression of love, a release of completely natural but sometimes overwhelming feelings or urges, an act of rebellion, an expected rite of passage, but the feelings that come with sex quite often don’t marry up with what people expect. I know people who have felt guilt, regret, shame, hurt, pain, pride, envy, passion, love, and a cocophony of in emotions in between. What I mean by this is that sometimes the outcome of sex is not always positive and that you don’t always get what you bargain for.

I gave up on relationships myself when my girlfriend left me for an other guy, I was that heartbroken that women became more and more objects and in my opinion none of them could love me as much as I had loved her. I got totally isolated and after a while I did not have anyone left then only myself. I did not feel sorry for what I did and disrepected all the females completely. My anger was bigger than I could handle and I di not care about someone elses feelings. To me it was a private against all these bloody ........

For me sex became a currency with which I could buy back control over my life. Control over feelings of not being good enough, control over not feeling beautiful. It allowed me to shut off my feelings (or so I thought) and detach emotionally from it. I got my kicks whilst not requiring the intimacy. I kidded myself I did not need though desperately wanted. As crazy as it sounds I relished having this level of control over my life even at the expense of my happiness.

I did not expect a fairytale ending but I was not adequately prepared for the consequences either.The time in my life described above was a lonely and isolating time, desolate and self-destructive. It aligned itself with other destructive behaviours and negative thought patterns. It damaged me emotionally, and almost fatally wounded me spiritually. But when I did move past that time in my life- partly by growing up, partly by removing myself from situations it occurred in and by working hard on my thought patterns- there were still ramifications. Spiritually the healing came a lot later.

When I did find the love of my life and invited her into my life again I learned to forgive people, received his forgiveness and after a while learnt to forgive myself too. Accepting that forgiveness and fighting to regain the innocence that was lost and establish purity as a theme in my thoughts, words and deeds is tough but doable. It was worthwhile and beneficial and will continue to bless me I’m sure. Even now I have my moments and these are the scars of my past. So many times I fall back in these old patterns and when I do this my spouse is putting me back on my feet again.

Believe me when I say: “Sex never comes with no strings attached.”

I naive bastard thought I could handle it, that I was mature enough and untouchable but I wasn’t. I got hurt. My hope is that people thinking of some no strings attached ‘fun’ don’t believe the hype or the myth that everyone’s doing it and that it’s fun and sexy.

Not everyone is doing it, it’s not always fun or sexy and it comes with physical, emotional risks. More than that though, I hope people who have been in that place or similar realise there is an exit strategy.

Take heart, have hope, you can always be so much more than you are now. This is not all there is to you and you are not confined to or defined by this.

It did not become a fairytale ending but for a soap opera that life is to me it is is quite a happy ending. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Life can be a real bitch and I know that for sure. Enjoy sex with the one you love but don’t expect that you will live happily ever after. Love is coming in many ways when you don't expect that other persons are perfect.

Sexual fantasy

A woman came in a counseling session and expressed the problem to me as a psychologist, he is a working woman, single, young adults are physically attractive and intellectually smart enough. Lately he often dreamed of making love to a co-worker the postscript of a married man. Almost the same as the experience of the woman who we will call Ariel (not her real name), with the other client just call Gary (not his real name), the final adult man, a young executive, is married and has 4 children, who dreamed of having sex multiple times Another woman who was working relationships just knew through a business meeting.If ariel feel so guilty because her dream man to the status of the husband, while Gary besides feeling not imagine he dreamed of having sex with another woman, Gary also felt guilty at her, as if he had betrayed his wife in his own dream.Conflict experienced by myself and Gary Ariel actually a lot going on other individuals. Guilt when sleeping dreaming of having sex with someone other than their spouse or have sex with another person who should not, indeed can create dissonance or discomfort to an individual who will be able to refer to things that are more negative as guilt. Excessive guilt can lead to imbalances in a person's emotions.Pertanyaannnya it appropriate we feel guilty about our sexual fantasies? Especially passive like a dream fantasy for example. And what about the active fantasy, like dreaming sex with someone other than their spouse or other individual undue? The answer; YES and NO. As complex and simple as it is the answer. Dreams as fantasies are at the stage called unconsciousness or unawareness of stage one (Eysenk & Wilson, 1979). In layman if we are to judge from the scientific fact that the sexual fantasies that appear in dreams when we sleep is something beyond our control. Because the logic of dreams as a product of the subconscious is not controlled by us. We can not regulate or instruct us to envision a person in accordance with the scenario we want, when we sleep.In "The Interpretations of Dreams" (1950). Sigmud Freud said that dreams are wish of fulfillment. This means that when a person dreams he had put seeds of hope before when he was still in the consciousness. Ariel and Gary is innocent when asleep dreaming of having sex with another individual undue based normative values ​​they have as members of society. Because they did not have authority to regulate when they deliberately want to sleep dreaming of another individual, but as described by Freud (1950), most likely male co-worker Ariel dreaming married it, is often the result of reverie (daydream) Ariel hopes far the most in the bottom of her meeting with the man when he was single, or divorced, and so on that can enable them to become more intimate relationship than just co-workers. In Gary, in just a few meetings he felt his new colleagues are very physically attractive so that Gary ever wished how it feels to have sex with a woman as his new colleague. Reverie or daydream of Ariel and Gary from the conscious to the subconscious is sent automatically to be fulfilled. The process of working like this is true of all forms of dreams not only on sexual fantasies.So if a dream is a hope or a wish fulfillment of fulfillment of the things we can not do or problem is not resolved in our consciousness, how a fantasy like a dream and reverie could have a bad effect on the aspect of a person's life?We as individuals must be able to have a sensitivity or sense of self (self-awareness) in conjunction mensikapi our sexual fantasies as biological beings, which means that sex is a natural part of a normal human.Simply put Crooks & Baur, (2002) as also disclosed Eysenk & Wilson, (1979), that fantasy tends to be more ideal than a reality, so the thoughts and dreams relatively more exciting than the reality.On the positive thoughts and dreams can become a "rebound" or outlet to realize the extent of the delusion. Research Jusung-Amirin, Meinarno & Suwartono (2006) from the University of Indonesia, on the Khasan differences sexual fantasy story created by men and women to show how men are different from women become aroused (arouse), proving how women actually have sexual fantasies richer than men, nearly the same as the results of Barclay study (1976) of Massachuset State University suggests an explanation for why many women who managed to become a nun than men to become monks or widowed women are more resistant than divorced men, sexual fantasy is simply a lot of play meet the biological needs of women psychologically, that is fantasy. The two different scientific studies 30 years, as well as explain why the observations of researchers music concerts or band showcase boys or male model in Jakarta a lot of women are hysterical and screaming and some even fainted because he could be close to her idol celebrities, if psychology social explaining this have a tendency to aggressiveness in the psychology of time (Baron & Byrne, 1996) the sexual psychology sees this as the fulfillment of women's sexual or platonic love fantasy came true. Fantasy that was not identified because many impossibility or realistically impossible suddenly becomes quite realistic to meet the object of affection who idolized where before she had to build their own private emotions on a particular object of affection long before they met.Based on the facts of knowledge and scientific studies mentioned above, it is quite wise to begin to look at where the sexual fantasies that can and wants us realized and which should remain a delusion. The most powerful tips that I can give to the reader; realize that excites sexual fantasies without guilt, meaning if you are a indivu an adult (mature) and responsible you certainly know when a reverie just to make you feel guilty does that conflict with conscience and the values ​​that you have, so you should choose to not fully realize it happen, because I understand it so could not block anyone or tell you to stop dreaming as a psychological freedom, of course. If the realization of the dream of your relationship with your husband or wife for the better quality, why not? But only through delusion you feel guilty, especially if you are desperate to make it happen, you yourself would feel the consequences. Remember emotion (or feeling) is never wrong, we could never push the button in our brain or heart to fall in love, angry, sad and happy but it is our attitude that determines our emotions are individuals who like what.